The Foiled Amour

Robert lost his words, he did not know what to say. Jenny checked her watch and got up.

– “I need to go Robert. Please don’t stop me! Please don’t wait for me! You are the guy I will always love. But I cannot hurt my parents like this. I don’t know what’s written in our fate. If we are meant to be together, I’m sure we’ll come across each other once again someday. But today is not that day. I’m sorry.”

– “I don’t want to lose you Jenny. Please don’t give up on us!”, He was desperate. “I’ve understood everything you said. I understand your decision. But can we try one last time? Let’s go to meet the bishop for once and consult with him. If he grants our marriage then doesn’t that mean we can have a blessed life? Doesn’t that mean your father may reconsider?”

Jenny did not say anything. She was looking at the sky. Maybe she could not find any new words to make him understand, to refuse him. He was waiting for her response.

– She finally said, “Goodbye Robert.” He wanted to believe he heard her wrong. He wanted her to be wrong.

– “I think you are not thinking clearly. Please take your time to think through it. I’ll give you time. I will be at the church next Sunday to talk to our Bishop. I’ll wait for you there. Take all the time to think about it. But I know you will be there.”

Jenny was watching him for some moments silently. He couldn’t understand what was going on inside her. It’s so strange that the girl so familiar to him, was looking like a complete stranger. Usually he could understand her every feelings or emotions watching her eyes and expressions, but she was wearing some kind of mask now which he could not recognize. He could not understand the battles which were killing her from the inside. She did not let him understand. If only he knew how much she loves him and how she would love to run away with him at that very moment, he would never accept the reality. He would never let go.


The sun has started to hide behind the tall trees. Two or three people were sitting here and there some moments ago, but right now Robert was all alone at the church. He came here early in the morning. He did not tell Jenny any specific time to come here. So he came as early as he could. He saw people come and go. He saw people saying their prayers, some of them laughing and others crying. He didn’t really understood these things. But he wanted to learn, he will do anything to be with her. Once she comes today and the Bishop grants dispensation, everything will go back to being normal.

The sun hid behind the horizon, still Jenny was not there. Right now he was feeling like a stupid. The truth began to sink in slowly. He was sad for a while, he was angry for a while, he was crying for a while. But when you get past all these emotions one by one, you come to a state of realization. He has began to realize that she is not coming. However, even after that he was sitting there. He didn’t know what he was waiting for. He came to this place at the morning with a faith, with a hope, but he was hating this place at this moment. Everything around him seemed fake to him. He promised to himself that, he will not come to this church ever again. Little did he know that, he would be sitting in this church crying, forty years later, after losing the girl he spent his life waiting for.

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